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You can trade Forex 24/7 but the most popular currency pairs can only be traded from Monday to Friday. You probably already know that during the the only currency pair you’re able to trade is the Bitcoin versus the dollar (BTC/USD). Most traders, however, don’t trade with this currency pair.

But it’s Sunday!

And and you can’t wait to place your first trade order. So you’re wondering what time exactly the market will be open again for trading.

The short answer ..

The first market to open on Monday morning is the New Zealand Forex market. It starts at 7.00 AM and it will be around 2:00 AM in the Maldives.

The 5 most important Forex Markets in the world are London, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. Together they represent around 75% of all daily trades. 

What are the best times for trading?

Between 17:00 and 20:00 (Maldivian time) the three biggest markets (London, Frankfurt & New York) are all open. During this period the number of trades will quickly increase and currency prices will rapidly go up and down.

Keep this in Mind!

On Saturday’s and Sunday’s the Forex Market is closed, with the exception of the currency pair EUR/USD. The first market on Monday’s opens at 02:00 AM Maldives time.

  • We recommend beginning Forex Traders not to keep your trades open during the weekend.
  • The busiest trade time does not always have to be YOUR best time for trading. This depends on your personal situation and the type of trader that you are. Practice makes perfect!
  • Use a DEMO account to find out which time of day is most profitable for you!